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Welcome to Ultimate Fishing! In this real-life fishing simulator game, it is your goal to catch all available fish species in all locations and dominate the world of Ultimate Fishing!

We will add new locations and fish species to the game on a monthly basis. You will earn a maximum of 10 stars for each fish you catch. The larger the fish, the more stars you'll receive. It is all about the stars since you need them in order to unlock new locations.

Participate in competitions, play together with friends and enjoy the realistic and unadulterated fishing experience in beautiful 12 semi-3D locations based on fishing spots from all over the (real) world.

Game was developed with GamoVation B.V. and released in 2018.



  • Game Design: Daimy Stroeve Joppe Houpt
  • Backend Programming: Gregory Tkach Aleksandr Makarov
  • Client Programming: Nastya Lada Dmytro Kazak Gregory Tkach Mickhail Levchenko Vitaliy Paliy Aleksandr Makarov
  • Art: Nazar Hrytsiuk Kate Vetrenko
  • Sounds: Jonathan van den Wijngaarden
  • Release date: 01.06.2018 Made in 240 days