TotheMoon is a Blockchain-based Online Gaming platform.

The product consists of 3 main parts:

  - Portal, website for customers
  - Bonus system
  - User's personal account


  - Admin panel
  - Referral program
  - TRX payment system 
  - Partnership program
  - Game
  - Tournaments


1. The user chooses a race with pre-determined time duration and bets size. Then, before the race starts, he is to compose the portfolio of major cryptocurrencies. Once the user submits his portfolio and the race starts, he can't amend his portfolio.
2. Once the race starts, the game tracks the exchange rates of all coins and displays the total averaged ROI of each racer's portfolio. Racer whose portfolio yields the highest ROI by the end of the race wins the game. Other price-winning places also receive a respective portion of the prize pool.
3. Depending on how close the user is to the top of the winners' table, he receives the prize in TRX. 20% of participants receive the prize and thus, at least, cover their bet.