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Hungry Season is a brand new platform that enables athletes, teams and brands to connect and create innovative and impactful sports sponsorship campaigns that deliver measurable value.

If you’re an athlete that can build an audience, we will help you get paid for it. We want to put money directly into the hands of athletes and help them pursue their dreams. By joining Hungry Season and participating in brand campaigns, athletes can earn discounts, products and/or money.

Hungry Season helps brands unlock marketing opportunities through creating innovative campaigns for athletes and brands to participate in. We want to demonstrate the awareness, value and ROI that sports sponsorship can bring to brands.

We’re here to help your team build an audience and gain much needed sponsorships. Our platform enables your team to engage in brand sponsorships for your team, all your team members and monitor your team’s social media presence and all your team members.

Website includes online-messaging, payments, promotion campaigns and a lot of other tools in one place as well.


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  • Backend Programming: Andrey Bashuk
  • Project Management: Vladimir Solin
  • Frontend Programming: Roman Klimov Eugene Chayka
  • Release date: 12.08.2017 Made in 42 days