Dice Journey is a free game in which you have to collect different combinations while tossing the playing dice. From a 3 to a Joker: this is your journey. Each player may choose between six playing worlds, each one of each is formatted with its own theme. The worlds are divided into several levels in which NPC of different strength challenge the contestant. Each level has its own difficult, and at the end of each playing world, the contestant awaits a “session” with the boss—the strongest player in the mast. 

The game is translated into 4 languages: Russian, English, Japanese and Chinese. 

Dice Journey was published by Murka at 2013 Q1 on Asia markets and at 2013 Q2 on USA and EU markets.



  • Producer: George Terekhov
  • Game Design: Andrey Dotsenko Anton Velychko
  • Programming: Stas Cherednichenko Irina Litvynova Gregory Tkach
  • Art: Alina Nezhydenko Artem Estelin
  • Idea: Julia Bondarenko
  • Release date: 20.01.2013 Made in 120 days