The idea of BATMOBILE RIDE is to rally through a course and its checkpoints before the timer expires. The player's car crashes if it collides with a road sign or tree at any speed. Cars hit from behind slow down and cars hit from the side are jettisoned in that direction. Crashes take time and make it more difficult for the player to reach the check point. Drivers can pick up protein power ups and extend power time. Also players can hook Wyld Style and grab additional points.

BATMOBILE RIDE is part of series Warner Bros. Lego Games.

Game was developed for BWF Inc. and published by Creata Games in 2015.



  • Producer: Victoriya Savchenko
  • Game Design: Olga Sirinyok
  • Programming: Evgeniy Yurko Aleksandr Sadovoj Gregory Tkach
  • Art: Nikita Rachkevich
  • Release date: 20.01.2015 Made in 42 days