10 questions every startup founder must ask themself in order to understand the future of their company.

Learn to manage yourself before managing others. 1. What do you think about and how? The growth of company is a range of thoughts and ideas from the owner/CEO. Thought-Word-Action. Everything begins in your mind. Your actions are the result of what you think. 2. How do you communicate? Your words are positive and your voice is confident. Even in situations of uncertainty, you deal with your emotions inside and encourage the people around you. 3. Who is in your network? Tomorrow you will become a reflection of the people you are talking to today. With whom do you drink a cup of coffee or go for dinner after the working day? It's important to reach those who are bigger, richer, more powerful or more large-scale than you. 4. Are you fighting your demons and fears? God puts the best moments in your life on the other side of fear. 5. What do you read? Whilst reading a book you are exchanging dialogue with its author. You can't miss the opportunity of communicating with outstanding people such as Roosevelt, Jobs, Covey, Trump... 6. What do you eat? To lead a group of 50/500/1000 people you first have to lead yourself to drive past the fast food. 7. How do you maintain your appearance and health? A book is judged by its cover - it doesn't matter what you say, the vital part is who said it. The trust to out words is composed of our representation and positioning. 8. Do you keep active? You need the energy to move forward and reach your aims. 9. Who do you spend your time with? If you are the cleverest in the room - it's time to change room. Who are you in contact with during your working day? Colleagues, clients, partners, contractors. 10. Can you deal with your emotions? We can't control everything that happens to us during the day. We only can alter our relationship to the situation. We can reach an agreement with ourselves so that the anger, fear, and doubt won't prevail.